Lead Management Software

Our Lead Management system is a powerful solution to automate the process of lead management including all the capabilities of lead capturing, generation, assignment and their conversion into your loyal customers. It ensures fast and organized lead management option with high performance. Effective lead management system helps to increase the sales efficiency and decrease the marketing cost.

System Features

Custom Configuration:
  • Multiple agents, departments, agencies, channels
  • Enables Business intelligence from detailed reports
  • Multiple lead assignment, distribution & notification systems (Web, E-Mail, Text, Smart Phone Apps & more)
Server based network application:
  • Standard open SQL data sources
  • Secure, globally accessible, centralized systems
  • Large databases possible with high lead process volumes
Scalable & Expandable:
  • Social media
  • Web inquiries
  • Multiple lead / contact data sources and interfaces
  • Scalable from multi-agent to multi-channel, enterprise level solutions

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