i Buzz®- General, Health & Life Insurance Software

i Buzz Insurance Software® promises to deliver the most comprehensive, end-to-end solution to public and private insurance companies irrespective of their geographical location. The Service Oriented Architecture of the solution ensures that the insurer has access to the most flexible, scalable and customisable system. As far as configuration is concerned, i Buzz is completely table driven. This means users can do more with less in the most user-friendly and dynamic fashion. Hence, external dependency on the solutions provider is minimised.

The solution includes a customisable mobile component, which is compatible with every mobile operating system including iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and other mobile/tablet operating systems. Such a robust mobile application promotes customer education as customers are kept in the loop throughout with access to real time information. Access to such real time information gives employees, agents and brokers the ability to perform business actions anywhere, remotely, through their mobiles/smartphones.

A competitive edge of this nature helps insurance companies gain customer loyalty, optimise collaboration with prospects; all while increasing sales and overall return on investment.


Our Software strengths:

  • Centralized on line flexible health system
  • Web Interface and Multi-tier deployment
  • Tracking flexibility
  • Information segregation based on multiple branches/regions
  • Multiple Currency handling
  • SAP & SUN Integration
  • Financial package integration
  • Performance & BBGB (Black Box Grey Box) certified
  • IRDA compliant
  • Ability to spool various IRDA/ Regulatory required reports such as TAC (format A, B, C), Grievance report, monthly & yearly summary report.
  • Sophisticated portals for all stake holders.
  • Supports decentralized operations
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