Business Process Management

Workflow management deals with explicit modeling of the automated parts of application processes with the aim of controlling their execution in given technical and organizational environments. Workflow management systems are software systems that are designed to perform this task. It leads to:

  • Better, cheaper and faster business.
  • Business process improvement: through focus on business processes.
  • Improved efficiency: mostly through automation of business processes.
  • Improved process control-helps management and helps overall quality of outcomes.
  • Flexibility-software control over processes enables their redesign in line with changing business needs.

We incorporate workflow and data management system into our products that makes activities very simplified. Data management system is an integral part of Business Process Management. It helps secure and manage data in such a way that any misplacement or hazard that causes loss of hard copies of data does not hamper the business process. Hence, it supports Business Continuity Planning. One of the best practices that we adopt is keeping character and images at one place that simplifies your business processes largely.Following are the ways in which BPM benefits the system:

  • Granular reporting
  • Fast retrieval of documents.
  • Easy archival of all documents.
  • Supports business continuity plan (BCP).
  • Dashboards at tasks and department level.
  • Tailored workflow as per your requirements.
  • No location constraint on business processes.
  • Automated alerts and notifications to assure high performance.
  • Incorporates the best practice of keeping the character and image data in a single box.
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