Mr. Gopal Verma

Gopal Verma is the founder chairman of Eicore Technologies.

One of the known visionaries in the Indian insurance space,he touts technology to be the next engine of growth that will determine how the next 500 million Indians will benefit from insurance services.

He founded Eicore Technologies in 2012 to convert his ideas into reality,to focus solely on the technological aspect of insurance. Having already run a health insurance TPA for 12 years by then,he decided to initiate his Eicore journey with a narrowed emphasis on health insurance and wellness. Within 6 years of opertions, Eicore Technologies already has 10+ life, non-life and health insurers across 3 continents using its flagship policy administration system (PAS) - "HealthBuzz", the all-inclusive version of "HealthBuzz" also caters to the management of claims in addition to the underwriting and reinsurance needs.
Mr. Manuk Verma
Mrs. Aditi V Soni